Anki: separating a large deck with many overdue cards into two piles

Just due:

deck:"deckname" is:due prop:due>-7


deck:"deckname" is:due prop:due<=-7

Of course one must replace deckname with one’s own deck.

I’ve also decided to split my collection under two accounts, one for regular decks (which is synced with Ankiweb) and one for media-intensive decks (which remains local). This solved the problem I was having with syncing media on my Android phone, but I am afraid I will be less willing to review my unsynced decks.

EDIT: I’ve realized that the other problem I was having with syncing was my unstable WiFi connection (my phone seems to disconnect from the WiFi very frequently, for some reason). Anki doesn’t seem to be able to deal with my specific connection problems, and thus when I tried to sync when it was disconnected (though nominally connected), it would throw out errors. My crude solution is to start Ankidroid, then turn off WiFi, then restart WiFi, so that the WiFi is definitely on, then finally sync.

EDIT2: Ankidroid still seems to be having problems, despite the trick above…


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